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Animated Clantag in CS:GO
Catagorie: Counter-Strike  
Posted by: Professor-Botje
2016-08-02 00:15:26
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Well, I thought I share with you my little bit easier way to do this with automatic clantag without pressing any button. You dont need any extra program.
What you need:

-The groups with the clantags you want to switch through

-The script

Code: "
ClanTag cl_clanid "insert_clanid"
Test_Wait 0.5

cl_clanid "insert_clanid"
Test_Wait 0.5

cl_clanid "insert_clanid"
Test_Wait 0.5

cl_clanid "insert_clanid"
Test_Wait 0.5

Test_LoopCount ClanTag 10000"

nothing more

First of all join the groups you want to cycle through. You need each groups group id. You can find it if you go ingame (offline with bots), equip the clantag and write in console "cl_clanid" and copy the value you get.
To make this script work its important to keep the script named clantag.vtest and put it in your
"SteamSteamAppscommonCounter-Strike Global Offensivecsgotestscripts" folder.
If that doesnt exist just create it.
Now you go into the script you just downloaded and replace "insert_clanid" with the value you just got. Do this with all the groups you want to cycle through.

The Test_Wait determines the time in seconds the script will wait till it switches to the next command.
Test_StartLoop ClanTag starts the loop.
Test_LoopCount ClanTag 10000 loops the clantag.vtest so it will cycle thorugh multiple times.
If you have done this all, to start the clantag type into console when youre ingame:

"test_startscript clantag"

To stop it you need to restart your game.

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